Behind the brand SKYSOCKS travel stockings stands the company Spring Medical which can proudly look back on an over 170 years long history and experience in the medical product industry.

The company Spring Medical specializes on manufacturing and distributing medical compression and support stockings. SKYSOCKS are the fashionable and colourful travel stockings product line by Spring Medical . Whether to prevent vein problems while travelling or during leisure time – SKYSOCKS work with a precisely defined medical pressure that stimulates the blood circulation and thus can actively prevent vein problems and reduce the risk of deep-vein-thrombosis. The unisex knee- high SKYSOCKS travel stockings are the perfect travel companion both for HER and HIM. Assuring quality and medical effectiveness are the top priorities of the company Spring Medical . SKYSOCKS offers a wide range of different colours and guarantees high wear comfort and effectiveness. For your relaxed journey!