The difference between medical support and compression stockings

Both medical support and compression stockings function by the same principle: they support the blood in the leg veins, since the blood has to be transported from the feet upwards to the heart against gravity. Medical stockings exert a pressure on the legs which will gradually decline in the direction to the heart. The strongest pressure is applied in the ankle region. Medical stockings thereby significantly improve the blood circulation by contracting the veins and enabling the blood to flow back faster.

Medical compression stockings are being applied for basic medical treatment for already existing venous diseases or diseases of the lymphatic system. They exert a precisely defined pressure on the vessels and dilated veins can then be compressed back to their normal diameter. Venous valves will be able to carry out their function as a backwater valve. Thus the blood can freely flow back to the heart and the veins will effectively be relieved. Medical compression stockings are prescribable by a doctor and health insurances usually reimburse the expenses for one pair of compression stockings per half-year. There are four different compression classes (I to IV) depending on pressure strength and field of application.

Medical support stockings function with the same principle of a gradually decreasing pressure; however the pressure is substantially lower. They are suitable for people with healthy veins and serve for prophylaxis and to treat heavy, tired legs especially after long hours of standing or sitting down. Support stockings are especially recommended for long journeys, since they can prevent a deep-vein thrombosis resulting from lack of movement. Due to the fact that support stockings are only preventive products they won’t be paid by the health insurance and are over the counter products. It is also important to note that support stockings cannot substitute compression stockings in case of pre-existing venous diseases. The material of medical support stockings is thinner and the material composition is not the same as the one of compression stockings.

SKYSOCKS are medical knee-high support stockings, which are especially recommended for long journeys and situations where one has to endure lack of movement for a longer time. SKYSOCKS are not prescribable and are being used for the prophylaxis of venous problems and deep-vein thrombosis.


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